Collaboration & Activation

Rally around issues you care about. Motivate others to join and contribute ideas for solutions.

Engagement & Incentives

Encourage and reward participation and sharing within your community or business with games and contests.

Resources & Toolkits

Teach and empower your family, friends, community, organization, or business to use undebating in everyday life.


Community In Action

Create a “Common Ground” discussion group
Employee engagement and discussions in a branded channel
Ask the experts
Join a moderated undebate
Participate in contests
Learn about new undebate methods
Share personal stories
Invite managers, coworkers, teams, and customers to join


Platform Capabilities

Sign up and join a branded channel
Show and teach the undebate method
Access resources and toolkits
Coordinate and participate in events
Collaborate with groups, teams, departments
Share videos and photos
Receive updates and reminders
Earn recognition and rewards
Participate in surveys and contests