undebatable: The Show

undebatable is a daring social experiment and original content series/show that turns conflict inside out. Each episode features subject matter experts, celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and every-day citizens, working together to tackle our country’s seemingly un-debatable, un-solvable, and wicked challenges.

The show will model the undebate method and inspire both people and businesses to find common ground and create solutions to everyday challenges in order to undivide us.


Dissolving the Divides

The divide between us as neighbors, families, communities, and as a nation has become the entertainment. Who will win? Who will lose? What unbelievable things will be said in the process?

Why can’t any two sides of an issue look past their differences and find common ground that could unite us, rather than tear us further apart?

With undebate as the method, we can do more than debate. We can approach our un-debatable issues collaboratively and make them undebate-able.


Our Un-debatable Issues

And more! We have over 50 episodes mapped.


The Show is a Journey

In each episode, two conflict groups journey through our undebate method featuring two opposing main characters.

The main characters work individually, and then together, to arrive at an agreement. Both must set aside personal views in order to solve the conflict.

After examining their differences, the two conflict groups immerse themselves in behavioral practices such as the Shoe Swap and the Word Whirl. These techniques are designed to free them from ideology and ego and move them towards compassion and shared experience in order to reach a solution.


Meet the Characters

The Host

The host will perform the role of a moderator. He will guide the two conflict groups and their chosen leaders through each step of the methodology process.

The Conflict Groups

The main characters are two opposing Conflict Groups that represent polarized perspectives on an issue. Each conflict group must elect a leader to represent their view as the groups work and move through the methodology to come to an agreement.

The Coaches

Two coaches will use their expertise in conflict resolution techniques in order to facilitate the conflict groups throughout the journey to a solution.

The Celebrities

Celebrities who are passionate about each issue will engage in the process and advocate for solutions in each episode.

The Experts

A panel of experts, who are dedicated to studying and implementing change for an issue, will provide facts and perspective to both conflict groups.


Changing How We Approach Conflict

With an Original Series that models a new way to productively interact and create solutions, “undebate” begins to make its way in to our vocabulary– changing how we approach conflict, how we better understand opinions unlike our own, and how we make a commitment to finding solutions for our nation’s most pressing social issues.